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NEW YORK (CNS) — Based upon Caleb Carr’s eponymous, popular and acclaimed 1994 novel, the limited series period drama “The Alienist” debuts on the TNT cable channel Monday, Jan. 22, 9-10 p.m. EST.

Great-looking, with a wonderful, fine eye for period details, the nonetheless morally problematic series will air on Monday nights in that time slot, concluding its 10-week run March 26.

Besides the graphic descriptions of murders of male prostitutes at the drama’s crux, the show also depicts police brutality, the mentally ill violently injuring themselves, nudity, strong and often gratuitous sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases.

People tuning in to see a show about a serial killer terrorizing Manhattan in 1896, shouldn’t anticipate seeing “The Waltons,” and some of this problematic material necessarily serves the plot. But, as is the case with many contemporary TV productions, the producers insist upon presenting this material most candidly.

Some viewers will consequently recoil from graphic images

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