Sheriff Lombardo boots FBI and raises total number of injuries to 851 – Baltimore Post

LAS VEGAS – Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department held Friday his first press conference in three months.

One person who was absent was Aaron Rouse, the FBI ASAC of the Las Vegas FBI Division. When asked by a reporter why the FBI wasn’t present Lombardo stated it was by design and he asked them not to attend. Maybe he got tired of Rouse breathing down his neck and glaring at him at every presser.

Lombardo read from a script as he addressed the press which was another good move. He gets himself in trouble when he goes off script.

He announced the release of a preliminary investigative report that was prepared by the Force Investigation Team (FIT) of the LVMPD. The Baltimore Post-Examiner was the first to break the story and question why the homicide detectives were pulled from the investigation and why it was

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