‘Criminal Minds’ season 13 episode 13 spoilers: BAU investigates …

Facebook/ CriminalMindsPromotional poster for “Criminal Minds” on CBS.

In the next episode of “Criminal Minds,” the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) led by Agent David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) investigates a series of mysterious homicides in D.C.

The trailer and promotional photos for the upcoming installment, which is titled “Cure,” were just recently released, and they show the agents meeting at headquarters to get briefed on the recent serial homicide case. They realize that it involves the use of clues by the killer and that they need to decipher codes once again. They travel to D.C. to survey the crime scene and notice a number of visual clues on the walls. Dr. Spence Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) notices a sign on a wall showing a snake curling around a spear of some sort. “This one is just getting started,” he says in a determined tone.


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