The Alienist on TNT review – Yahoo

A 10-episode series based on the Caleb Carr bestseller The Alienist comes to TNT on Monday night. It stars Daniel Bruhl as Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a psychologist who specializes in aberrant or criminal behavior. He swans around 1896 New York City in a heavy coat introducing himself as an alienist, and everyone seems to know what he’s referring to, although TNT needs to define the term for us at the top of each episode, as someone who investigates people who are “alienated from their own true natures.” In other words, we’re in for a serial-killer period piece here.

Someone’s killing young prostitutes in the city whose police commissioner is future-President Theodore Roosevelt (Brian Geraghty). Kreizler decides to investigate, aided by a “newspaper illustrator” — that means he draws pictures instead of taking photographs — named John Moore, played by Luke Evans.

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