‘Criminal Minds’ Recap: JJ Receives Shocking News from Assistant …

Yes, there’s a case in this episode of Criminal Minds. But if you can bring yourself to care about it after the final shocking minute, that’s impressive. From the time before the team even gets the case to after it’s over, JJ’s worried that an e-mail from Assistant Director Barnes requesting a meeting could lead to history repeating and her having to leave the team. But there’s no way she — or anyone — can predict what Linda wants.  

Yes, “Cure” does feature a case, one in which an UnSub is killing businessmen and leaving his manifesto in cryptograms in their mouths, but it’s not as complicated as it seems at first.

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JJ Has Nothing to Worry About with Prentiss in Charge … Right?

The last time JJ got an e-mail like she does from Barnes, she was taken off the team, so

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