Real-life serial murder cases differ from Hollywood portrayals, experts say

An American criminal profiler says the behaviours of serial killers are much more complex than portrayals in pop culture – and that’s part of what makes these cases difficult for police to investigate.

“It isn’t like everything always goes 100 per cent one way, and that’s what you see in the movies,” Pat Brown said. “[Where] the victim is always exactly the same, the crime is always committed exactly the same way with exactly the same weapon, and the bodies are dealt with exactly the same way.

“That’s Hollywood, and the police wish this were true, because if it were, it would be a lot easier to link the crimes together.”

Police found man tied to Bruce McArthur’s bed when he was arrested: sources

Brown, a longtime commentator on serial murders and the author of several books, joined The Morning Show on Global News Radio

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