‘Into The Black Nowhere’

“Into The Black Nowhere” by Meg Gardiner has such an intense plot that the light should be on when reading this. It is a testament to her writing that she can have a dark, action-packed plot without the gory details and still grab readers from page one. This novel delves into the minds of a serial killer and those in law enforcement who pursue them. In this second book of the series the psychopath mirrors the real-like killers Ted Bundy with a little of Dennis Rader.

Her descriptive scenes allow for Gardiner to “have a touch of blood going a long way. Readers’ imaginations are much more powerful than what I could put on a page. All I do is suggest and then people’s fears take it from there. It is a creepy idea that people are just here and then are gone. There are still victims of Ted Bundy that

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