Thomas Gibson Fans Continue To Boycott ‘Criminal Minds,’ ABC, and CBS At #NoHotchNoWatch [Opinion]

Criminal Minds’ former star Thomas Gibson might be the envy of every star in Hollywood. Perhaps Gibson is not working right now, since his dismissal from Criminal Minds, but he’s got some of the most loyal and tenacious fans out there. After nearly two seasons, they are still boycotting the aging crime drama, as well as CBS and ABC.

The issue of #NoHotchNoWatch isn’t just the absence of Thomas Gibson from Criminal Minds, but rather the way in which he was terminated, and the way CBS and ABC allegedly used their news outlets to sensationalize Gibson’s firing and attack his character.

Criminal Minds writer Virgil Williams and Thomas Gibson reportedly had a disagreement about a single line during the filming of the second episode of Criminal Minds season 12. Somehow the situation escalated as explained on ENStars.

Thomas Gibson reportedly stated Virgil Williams brushed past him later on the set of Criminal

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