Why Did Andrew Cunanan Kill Gianni Versace – Andrew Cunanan …

The story of Andrew Cunanan’s killing spree, which ended with his suicide in July 1997 after he murdered five people including fashion designer Gianni Versace, is the subject of this season of American Crime Story.

In addition to exploring the life of Versace and Cunanan’s other victims, the show is also taking a close look at the man behind the murders. So, why did Andrew Cunanan go on a killing spree? The definitive answer to that question died with the Cunanan—especially given his reputation as a notorious liar—but there are several theories.

1) Key relationships in his life had broken down.

In April and May 1997, Cunanan murdered his first two victims in Minnesota: his friend, Jeffrey Trail, and his ex-boyfriend, David Madson. Trail was a former Naval officer, while Madson was an architect whom Cunanan called

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