Modus, BBC4, review: Scandi-noir turns global-glossy and loses something in the translation

When the first series of Swedish crime drama Modus aired in December 2016, I thought it was well-made but over-familiar in a market saturated with Scandi-noir tales of troubled cops and manipulative serial killers.

But it’s back – and seems to have addressed the problem by reimagining itself as a high-concept international political thriller. After a brief, teaser-heavy prologue reintroducing us to Inger Vik (Melinda Kinnaman), the brilliant criminal profiler with a troubled past a Bond-style theme song and opening titles gave over-emphatic proof that, rather than dark and subtle cat-and-mouse stuff, the new-look Modus is equal parts Homeland and The Night Manager.

This means the domestic bliss of Inger and Ingvar (Henrik Norlen), the straight-arrow detective who helped her nail the bad guy last time around, is doomed to be shattered. Nemesis comes in the form of the two special guest stars – Kim Cattrall as visiting US President Helen Tyler

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