The 4 Reasons Why ‘Criminal Minds’ Is Still a Great Binge Watch

Even after airing for more than 12 years, “Criminal Minds” remains a must-binge across the globe. As you can imagine with a plotline that revolves around an endless supply of serial killers, the show has cycled through and replaced at least a half-dozen linchpin characters. Still, despite the rotating cast, fan interest in the series has failed to wane, a testament to the quality team of writers behind the show.

“Criminal Minds” airs a new episode every Wednesday evening, but for anyone who’s unable to afford cable, there is some good news: You can watch every season — with the exception of the currently airing one — on Netflix, meaning that you have hours of streamable content at the touch of a button.

But with so many other options, why watch “Criminal Minds?” Here are four reasons why you should stream the CBS mega-hit immediately.

The cast embodies the lives and emotions

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