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Former Criminal Minds Actor Thomas Gibson Has Finalized His Divorce

Since departing from Criminal Minds, Gibson’s only other credit on his resume is a voice performance in last year’s dramatic thriller Axis, directed by Aisha Tyler, which also featured the voice talents of Sam Rockwell, Paget Brewster and Kevin Pollak, to name a handful. It had a limited release back in September. Since then, Gibson has kept a low profile. Hopefully, things start to rebound for him.

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Who is Rowena King? Trauma actor who has appeared in Death in Paradise, Criminal Minds and Darklands

ROWENA King has starred alongside the best Hollywood has to offer and now she is starring in new psychological drama Trauma, where she plays psychiatrist Lisa Allerton.

Here’s everything you need to know about the actress and when we can see it on TV…

 Rowena attended the London Drama School where she later transitioned to ensemble work with the Royal Shakespeare Company
Rowena attended the London Drama School where she later transitioned to ensemble work with the Royal Shakespeare Company

Who is Rowena King?

Rowena, born Roweena Josephine King, is a  stage, film and television actress from London.

The daughter of a mechanic, Rowena spent her childhood with her parents in Hertfordshire before attending formal dramatic studies at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and at the London Drama School, from where she transitioned to ensemble work with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Rowena first

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MANHUNT: UNABOMBER: Actor Paul Bettany – exclusive interview

MANHUNT UNABOMBER | © 2017 Discovery Channel

MANHUNT UNABOMBER | © 2017 Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel’s scripted series MANHUNT: UNABOMBER tells the fact-based story of the FBI’s years-long hunt for Ted Kaczynski, who sent bombs through the mail to individuals, followed by screeds to news media. The story is seen largely through the eyes of Behavioral Analysis Unit Special Agent Jim Fitzgerald (played in the show by Sam Worthington). MANHUNT is set to be an anthology series, a la AMERICAN CRIME STORY, with a new subject each season.

Paul Bettany portrays the wily Kaczynski in MANHUNT: UNABOMBER. The English actor is known for a range of roles that include Jarvis/the Vision in THE AVENGERS films, the humanity-protecting angel in LEGION, the hero’s supportive but mysterious best friend in A BEAUTIFUL MIND and legendary scientist Charles Darwin in CREATION.

Bettany is in attendance at a party thrown

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‘Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ Actor Lee Jun Ki Praised For Action Scenes In ‘Criminal Minds’

Lee Jun Ki stars in the Korean reboot of ‘Criminal Minds.’ (tvN/YouTube)

Lee Jun Ki is known in the South Korean entertainment industry as a versatile actor who can do most of the stunt work required in various projects. Recently, the “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” star displayed his expertise in completing action scenes while filming the upcoming tvN drama “Criminal Minds.”

Anticipation is high for the impending premiere of the crime procedural series “Criminal Minds.” A Korean reboot of the U.S. TV series with the same name, the tvN drama is headlined by several talented stars such as Lee Jun Ki. Many fans are also expecting to see exciting scenes and action-filled sequences where the said actor can

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‘Criminal Minds’ actor Joe Mantegna takes a turn as stage director with ‘Lenny Bruce’


Joe Mantegna might be best-known as an actor, most recently starring as FBI special agent David Rossi on the CBS crime drama “Criminal Minds.”

But he’s no stranger to the stage, having won a Tony Award in 1984 for David Mamet’s “Glengarry Glen Ross.”

Now, he’s taking on the role of director with the new play “I Am Not a Comedian . . . I’m Lenny Bruce,” which opened recently at Theatre 68 in North Hollywood and runs through July 29.

The play, with Ronnie Marmo in the title role, chronicles the life and times of the legendarily incendiary performer.

Mantegna, a native Chicagoan, spoke recently about his work. 

Q: What made you want to take on the life of Lenny Bruce? And why now?

A: Lenny Bruce is one of the rare performers who pushed the envelope for not just show business but for society.

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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13: ‘Big Hero 6’ Actor Daniel Henney Joins The Series As Special Agent Matt Simmons

We are quite far away from the airing of ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13 but fans will be happy to know that the series’ producers and showrunners have made one recruitment for the upcoming episodes. ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ and ‘Hawaii Five-0’ actor Daniel Henney will be joining the series as Special Agent Matt Simmons. Read the texts below to get the latest updates on the series.

Criminal Minds Season 13
Photo Credit: Facebook/Criminal Minds

Henney already played the role of Simmons on the ‘Criminal Minds’ spinoff ‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ since 2015. According to the Digital Spy, the 37-year old ‘Big Hero 6’ actor will be joining the flagship show

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