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Vegas Shooting Timeline Gets Another Update

More than a week after the deadliest mass shooting in modern USA history, investigators are still stumped about what led high-stakes gambler Paddock to carry out his horrific attack.

New details released earlier this week indicate Paddock shot hotel security guard Jesus Campos six minutes before he shot at the crowd – contradicting an earlier statement that he was wounded after the mass shooting began. Authorities also said that after Paddock shot at Campos through the door of his room on the 32nd floor, the gunman didn’t fire any more shots into the crowd. “It was kind of relentless”. “He manually called down and he used his radio to call”.

However, MGM Resorts International, owner of the Mandalay Bay, has disputed the revised timeline.

MGM Resorts International spokeswoman Debra DeShong said the company believes “what is now being expressed may not be accurate”.

The sheriff changed

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Vox Populi: ‘Nevada — another example that you can’t reach criminal minds.’

“Nevada — another example that you can’t reach criminal minds.”

“Dear ex-Marine Vox Populi caller: No. 1, thank you for your service. No. 2, taking a knee during the national anthem is not disrespectful — shooting unarmed black men is.”

“Oh mercy, are the Democrats on the City Council actually throwing one of their own under the bus? They want to change the name of the Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge. If I remember correctly, he was the Democrat who really held the parties together in Georgia. Guess it’s too bad for him.”

“It must be people on the dole who have all this time to argue about and do crossword puzzles.”

“So everyone complaining about the hardness of the crossword puzzle? It should be very easy today since you published it last week.”

“Why are the crack dealers from East Gwinnett Street to East Park

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‘Criminal Minds’ says goodbye to another character

Farewell, Stephen Walker.

Criminal Minds is bidding farewell to Damon Gupton, who stepped in after the high-profile departure of Thomas Gibson last year to play Agent Stephen Walker. The actor announced his departure via Twitter this weekend.

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Gupton’s exit comes as two of its most popular stars — Kirsten Vangsness and A.J. Cook — are looking for a boost in salary to reportedly equal what co-stars Joe Mantegna and Matthew Gray Gubler are now earning on the long-running

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Should ‘Criminal Minds’ Leave Scratch Around for Another Season?

Criminal Minds left us with a cliffhanger in the season 12 finale for the first time since season 3. And it was all about the show’s antagonist, Mr. Scratch, who has been taunting the BAU team for years. At this point, even though Mr. Scratch is clearly good at what he does, as he’s able to slip through the cracks way too many times — especially considering he’s up against a team of the best — it’s time for him to go.

Criminal Minds Ends Season 12 with a Cliffhanger

While I agree with showrunner Erica Messer’s statement to TV Guide that Mr. Scratch is the perfect bad guy for the show, he has been sticking around too long. Enough already! Messer added that if Mr. Scratch is actually caught and goes away, they would have to replace him with another enemy on the same level. I’m

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Criminal Minds Boss Teases Another Return, BAU’s First-of-Its-Kind Journey

Much of the recent buzz surrounding CBS’ Criminal Minds has been pegged to the return of Diana Reid (played by Jane Lynch) and the storyline it sparks for her son, BAU agent Spencer (Matthew Gary Gubler).

But far bigger things are on tap for the team as a whole, as the back half of this run nears.

Twelve seasons in, “It feels like we’ve earned the right to tell some serialized stories,” notes showrunner Erica Messer, “so we’re running with that, telling a really big arc that will last all of the back 9 [episodes] of Season 12.”

As previously reported, Lynch first appears in Episode 11 (airing this Wednesday at 9/8c), while Episode 13 — which is titled “Spencer” and was co-written by Messer and cast member

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‘Criminal Minds’ Recap: Another Chapter in Rossi’s Unhappy Birthday Tradition with Yates

Thankfully, this scene is just one of the simulations they’re using to test the class. They should only take the shot if they’re absolutely sure, the agents explain, because even the best can miss and a shootout is a very uncontrollable situation.

The suggestion that they try to speak to his mommy issues ends with the UnSub killing the victim and then himself, so that’s another fail. They’re regional coordinates with a few years on the job, Rossi reminds the class. It’s an advanced training seminar. He expects better. Clark suggests appealing to his narcissistic side as mentioned in the profile, and it works. Relying on their instincts, training and the profile, can save lives and that’s why they work so hard to build it.

With the seminar over for the day, the class tries and fails to present Rossi with that scotch, and after he leaves, they learn about

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Another Big Actor Is Joining Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds made it through ten and a half seasons with relatively few casting shake-ups, but ever since Shemar Moore left last year, the show has delivered a non-stop stream of noteworthy comings and goings. Luckily, this is good news, as the CBS drama landed the always solid Harold Perrineau, of Constantine and Lost fame, for a big recurring role in Season 12. Fingers crossed there’s at least one nod to the actor’s TV breakout role.

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‘Criminal Minds’ season 12 spoilers: Rossi to solve another case on his birthday

(Facebook/Criminal Minds)Promo image for “Criminal Minds” season 12

Instead of celebrating his birthday, David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) will have his hands full when “Criminal Minds” returns for the second half of season 12 in early January.

According to the synopsis for the episode titled “Profiling 202,” Rossi will be holding a profiling course during his birthday. But aside from spending time in class, Rossi’s day will become more complicated when he gets a call from his greatest enemy Tommy Yates (Adam Nelson) to reveal where the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) can find the body of his latest victim.

Yates is known as one of the most prolific serial killers in the series, having reportedly killed as many as 101 victims in the West Coast over the course of 17 years. But Rossi and the BAU must find out how Yates can still commit more crimes even

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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 Introduced Another New Character: Fans Angry At Yet Another New Face

Criminal Minds Season 12 has not fared well. Fans had already dropped off at the end of last season due to Shemar Moore’s decision to walk away, but the decision by CBS and ABC to fire Thomas Gibson has led to a complete boycott. Now the addition of another new face has started yet another round of angry posts from fans.

Criminal Minds has faced a boycott, as fans continually tweet #StillMissingHotch and #NoHotchNoWatch for Season 12. The boycott is all in support of Gibson, who many fans feel was removed unfairly from the show. What the fans didn’t realize was that a new character would be introduced that some viewers consider a replacement.

Thomas Gibson Was Fired From 'Criminal Minds' Season 12
[Image by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Festival of Arts / Pageant of the Masters

The replacement happened in the midseason

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