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‘Criminal Minds’ Recap: Secrets and Lies in a Small Town – BuddyTV

Small towns aren’t perfect, and this episode of Criminal Minds proves just that, as the BAU heads to Hitchens, Virginia, to investigate after a police chief’s wife is brutally attacked.

“Full-Tilt Boogie” sees the team having to figure out what exactly the police chief is hiding. Did he attack his wife? Is his assistant police chief hiding something that could lead to the UnSub? And is the victim’s apparent addiction related to why she was beaten?

Criminal Minds Winter Premiere Recap: A Drought is Connected to Backyard Pool Murders

Can the Police Be Trusted?

Trish sends her husband, Steve and their kids off on a camping trip and then meets her friends at a local bar. There, Rick doesn’t want to take no for an answer, but a well-placed knee gives her time to get away. However, by the time she reports him to the police, he’s gone. Assistant Police Chief

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Will Reid’s Mom Return in ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13? – BuddyTV

Jane Lynch had her share of the Criminal Minds spotlight last season as her character Diana Reid struggled with her mental condition and was even held hostage by Cat Adams (Aubrey Plaza) and Lindsey (Gia Mantegna). But since Diana has been safely returned and has reunited with her son Spencer Reid (Matthew Gubler), will she still return for season 13?

Shemar Moore Reveals If He Would Return to Criminal Minds

Slideshow13 Scariest Murderers on TV

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‘Criminal Minds’ Foreshadows Trouble for Spencer Reid – BuddyTV

“A Good Husband” told the story of a relationship gone bad. Very bad. While the premise of the plot was good, this episode of Criminal Minds fell a little flat for me. We’ve seen several episodes involving spouses becoming serial killers on this show. This episode and storyline seemed a little overplayed. However, I did love that the whole team was together, and the continuation of the subplot involving Spencer Reid and his struggle with his mother’s illness.

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‘Criminal Minds’ Recap: Is Morgan Strong Enough? – BuddyTV

Hands down, “Derek” is Shemar Moore’s best episode of Criminal Minds. The previous episode ended with Morgan being taken on his way home, and within minutes of the opening of this one, it becomes clear that this one is going to be one of those that hurts. And hurt it does.

Danny Glover guest stars as Morgan’s late father in almost all of the emotional scenes of the episode (save for the final one), as Morgan retreats to his safe place in order to survive what he knows is about to happen to him. It’s not often that the CBS drama makes me cry, but between Moore’s performance, Morgan’s scenes with his father and the final moments, it was impossible not to.

Criminal Minds: 9 Signs ‘A Badge and a Gun’ Wasn’t Going to End Well for Morgan

Who Will Help Morgan Through the Pain?

When we first see Morgan, his captors unbox

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