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‘Criminal Minds’ Spoilers: Garcia Reveals She Has A Tattoo And It Has Something To Do With Morgan

Criminal Minds spoilers for Season 13, Episode 7 reveal BAU will look into a case in Austin, Texas. The team will face a criminal with a fondness for reptiles. The episode teaser reveals Garcia will talk about an interesting tattoo.

Last week on Criminal Minds, the team dealt with a case of missing women in Virginia. Aisha Tyler directed the episode “The Bunker.” This week, the team will tackle a poisonous predator and fans can look forward to another chilling crime. However, there will also be an intriguing revelation from Garcia.

Entitled “Dust and Bones,” Episode 7’s unsub targets prominent members of the community. It seems like reptiles will also be involved. A Criminal Minds preview tease Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) will reveal Morgan’s nickname for her is tattooed somewhere in her body.

Garcia has been in the series since the beginning, but she never mentioned having a tattoo. In a clip for

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Criminal Minds Exclusive: Garcia Has a Baby Girl Tattoo!

We’ve known Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) on Criminal Minds for over 12 seasons now, but did you know she has a tattoo?

Our tech goddess reveals that she’s got some very special ink in an undefined location in this week’s exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode. It turns out that “Baby girl” isn’t just special to fans, it’s so special to Garcia that she got her iconic nickname from Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) tattooed on her body. The baby girl love never stops!

The quick info drop comes as Garcia is helping Reed (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Simmons (Daniel Henney) track down a tattoo artist who specializes in tongue splitting. Yeah, this week is going to be heavy on the reptile worship so be careful of that.

Hey Baby Girls: Shemar Moore Answers Your Burning Questions

Important question though: Do you think Morgan has seen this mysterious tattoo? We can only hope!

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[WATCH] ‘Criminal Minds’ Sneak Peek: Morgan Returns to Help Garcia with a Case That’s Personal to Her

Shemar Moore returns again as Derek Morgan in this Criminal Minds episode to lend emotional support to Garcia when she experiences anxiety over a case that’s personal to her from her past. “Lucky Strikes” also sees the return of Jamie Kennedy as Floyd Feylinn Ferell, the cannibal from season 3’s “Lucky.”

Will Reid’s Mom Return in Criminal Minds Season 13?

Watch Morgan’s return in the “Lucky Strikes” promo:

Check out a sneak peek of the BAU going to talk to Floyd:

Floyd’s temporarily out of the institution on a monitored home visit at his sister’s house, and when Reid, Luke and Simmons show up at her front door to talk to him, Floyd tells them he’s on his way to church. He just has to stay within 1000 yards of the monitoring station, and the church is just around the corner. He always goes to bible study when he comes home.


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Criminal Minds: Shemar Moore Set for Encore, to Help Garcia With [Spoiler]

Cheer up, Baby Girl — your Chocolate Thunder will be there for you when you need him.

TVLine has learned that Shemar Moore is set to return to CBS’ Criminal Minds, one week ahead of his debut as the star of CBS’ new S.W.A.T. series and in the name of helping Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) get through a tough time.

In the Wednesday, Oct. 25 episode of Criminal Minds, titled “Lucky Strikes,” Jamie Kennedy reprises his role as Floyd Feylinn Ferell, the cannibalistic serial killer he first played in Season 3’s “Lucky.” As showrunner Erica Messer reminded TVLine, “At the end of that case, back in Season 3, is when Garcia got shot, so she’s going to

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[WATCH] ‘Criminal Minds’ Sneak Peek: Garcia Finds a Love Connection Between the Victims

The BAU heads to Detroit in this Criminal Minds episode to investigate when successful businessmen are targeted by an anger-driven, power-assertive UnSub. But how is the UnSub finding these victims? And what will the “ultimate twist” teased in the promo be?

Why It Was the Right Move for Criminal Minds to Add Matt Simmons from Beyond Borders in Season 13

Watch the promo for “Blue Angel”:

See what connects the victims:

Based on what they know about the crime scenes, it looks like the UnSub is not only comfortable in the spaces but also demonstrates a level of confidence and expertise. So are there more victims out there?

It certainly is possible, especially once Garcia reveals that she has found a “curious love connection” between the two victims: Dasha, a woman with whom they were both smitten and exchanged romantic emails. She traced Dasha back to a website, Blue Siren, that works just

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[WATCH] ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13 Premiere Sneak Peek: Garcia Enlists Simmons’ Help to Find the Team

Criminal Minds ended season 12 with quite the cliffhanger — six team members (Prentiss, Rossi, JJ, Tara, Stephen and Luke) in SUVs that were put right in the path of an 18-wheeler, thanks to a trap left for them in the road — and when season 13 begins, we’re going to see the aftermath of that crash. Did everyone survive?

In the premiere, “Wheels Up,” Agent Matt Simmons, from Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ International Response Team, joins the BAU as they try to take down Mr. Scratch and save one of their own in the process.

Criminal Minds Season 13: Which UnSub Is Returning and What Brings Simmons to the BAU?

Check out the promo for the premiere to see who ends up in the hospital:

Not everyone is going to be able to walk away from that crash. Also, Reid’s back in the field (and therefore reinstated).

Watch a sneak

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Penelope Garcia and Luke Alvez GIFs From Criminal Minds

I spent a lot of years thinking that Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) were meant to be together on Criminal Minds. I mean, he called her Baby Girl more often than not, and she turned to him for everything, but then he went and married someone else.

But then Adam Rodriguez joined the show as Luke Alvez, and it was like I saw the light. From day one, Garcia gives him a hard time about being the new guy, but he never gives up on her. From bantering constantly to eventually opening up to each other, everything these two have done just proves that they are absolutely meant to be together, and if the Criminal Minds writers don’t make it happen when season 13 starts back up this month, I will be very unhappy. Just look at these GIFs and tell me they wouldn’t make

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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13 Spoilers: Garcia to Settle Misunderstanding With Alvez

Facebook/CriminalMindsGarcia needs to reflect in the next season of “Criminal Minds.”

The time may have come to bury the hatchet between Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) and Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) in the upcoming season of “Criminal Minds.”

CarterMatt reported that the new installment may feature Garcia and Alvez talking about their tense situation. When the male agent joined BAU as Morgan’s (Shemar Moore) replacement, Garcia was obvious in showing her dislike. Her biased nature prevented him from reaching out to her and forming a stronger bond just like with the rest of the squad members. Garcia’s cold treatment of Alvez was also noted by their friends. For some reason, she kept pushing him away, even after Morgan showed up and told her to give Alvez a chance.

The new addition to the team may force Garcia to consider her attitude towards Alvez. Agent Matt Simmons (Daniel Henney)

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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13: Simmons Will Help Garcia to Rescue BAU Members and Arrest Mr. Scratch

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‘Criminal Minds’ season 13 spoilers, cast news: Penelope Garcia asks Daniel Henney’s character for help

Promotional image for CBS’ “Criminal Minds.”Facebook/criminalminds

Since it was announced that Daniel Henney would be joining “Criminal Minds” season 13, fans have been curious to see how he will enter the fray as Agent Matt Simmons. Thankfully, executive producer Erica Messer has shed some light on the matter.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Messer said Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) will team up with Simmons for another case. The collaboration also entails finding the missing member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).

“Garcia has just learned that her team is in trouble and the first person she calls is Agent Simmons,” Messer, 43, said. “He drives them to the site of the last known signal from the team. They discover this horrific car accident. Once they see who is injured, they discover that someone is missing.”

Aside from Henney, viewers will see another familiar face

Read more at: https://www.christiantoday.com/article/criminal.minds.season.13.spoilers.cast.news.penelope.garcia.asks.daniel.henneys.character.for.help/111944.htm