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The 4 Reasons Why ‘Criminal Minds’ Is Still a Great Binge Watch

Even after airing for more than 12 years, “Criminal Minds” remains a must-binge across the globe. As you can imagine with a plotline that revolves around an endless supply of serial killers, the show has cycled through and replaced at least a half-dozen linchpin characters. Still, despite the rotating cast, fan interest in the series has failed to wane, a testament to the quality team of writers behind the show.

“Criminal Minds” airs a new episode every Wednesday evening, but for anyone who’s unable to afford cable, there is some good news: You can watch every season — with the exception of the currently airing one — on Netflix, meaning that you have hours of streamable content at the touch of a button.

But with so many other options, why watch “Criminal Minds?” Here are four reasons why you should stream the CBS mega-hit immediately.

The cast embodies the lives and emotions

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True crime makes great TV. But must it linger on women’s corpses?

I am almost certainly going to watch Mindhunter, the latest flashy TV show from Netflix. Set in 1979, it’s an adaptation of the bestselling true crime book of the same name, subtitled Inside the FBI Elite Serial Crime Unit, in which former FBI agent John Douglas explains how he built a career in criminal profiling by interviewing serial killers. It’s guaranteed to be event TV. It will be available on Halloween, and Netflix is so sure of its success that it has already renewed it for a second season.

A full-length trailer has just been released. You can’t judge a TV show by a trailer – if you could, I wouldn’t have given Gypsy two and a half episodes before realising life was too short – but it screams quality, and reeks of the kind of misanthropic noir with which

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