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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13 Episode 4 Spoilers: Who is behind the killings?

In “#Criminal MindsSeason 13 #Episode 4 “Killer App,” the Detroit businessmen are now the target of an angry and power-hungry UnSub. Although the suspect’s reason remains unknown, what he does to his prey is quite unacceptable.

#Matt Simons (Daniel Henney) will be working with Captain Adrian Scott (Brandon Jay McLaren) to solve another cruel kind of crime in the continuation of the television show’s new season. Will they finally find the one who is behind this? Is it Mr. Scratch (Bodhi Elfman)?

New episode spoilers

Captain Scott revealed the video of the torture sent by the suspect to the victim’s family. He also unveiled some pictures from the crime scene in “Criminal Minds” Season 13 episode 4.

Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) believes that the UnSub seems to be just an average sexual sadist, but he might not be a typical one. The sufferer

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Nithari serial killings are a painful reminder of the perplexing violence lurking within us

The Nithari serial killings unearthed in 2006 would go down in history as one of the most gruesome as well as perplexing cases of murders, of children and young girls at that, which despite conviction in eight of the 16 cases so far, remain shrouded in mystery, psychopathological intrigue as well as social incomprehension.

Ever since they came to light, they have continued to rattle legal and forensic minds, criminal psychologists and commentators, insofar as the extreme brutalities uncovered – rape, murder, abduction, dismemberment, beheadings, perhaps even cannibalism and evidence tampering – did not have any definite crime triggers, no “motive” as such, other than what lies in the unfathomable depths of the human mind, currents, and tendencies that rarely ever reach the surface, and when they do, they instill fear in the hearts of those outside its murky realm of violence and desire.

The two accused in the Nithari serial killings

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Getting away with murder: the Atlantic City prostitute killings 10 years later

ATLANTIC CITY — At 11 years old, Jeremiah Dilts is too young to know the terrible details of his mother’s death.

He’s been told a “bad man” took her. And that the man killed her. And that the man has never been caught.

The boy has few memories of Molly Dilts. He said his grandfather, Verner Dilts, tells him she was nice.

In this 2008 photo, Verner Dilts, the father of Molly Dilts, hugs Molly’s son, Jeremiah, in the family’s home in Black Lick, Pa.. Verner Dilts is raising the boy, now 11. (File photo) 

“I’m sad that it had to happen,” Jeremiah said. “I wish she could come back.”

On Sunday, the Dilts family, along with other families they have come to know through shared loss, will mark an unwelcome and frustrating milestone.

It has been 10 years since a suspected serial killer prowling the streets of Atlantic City

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Police explain decision to keep link among Anchorage killings secret

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) For months, Anchorage asked questions.

A gun similar to the one shown here was used in five Anchorage killings between July 3 and Aug. 28, police say, including the deaths of Jason Netter and Brianna Foisy (shown).

Were the killings related? The same gun? A serial killer?

And in each interview, public meeting and social media post, Anchorage police chose their words carefully.

“The worst thing we can do is speculate,” Police Chief Chris Tolley told a woman who asked the serial killer question Sept. 8 at Valley the Moon Park, where an anxious crowd gathered following the slayings of Brie De Husson and Kevin Turner.

The killings were among five homicides that police have now revealed were committed using the same .357 Colt Python. Police seized the revolver when officers shot and killed

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