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This Netflix show is Iowans’ favorite – Iowa City Press-Citizen


Actors Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany preview David Fincher’s serial killer series for Netflix, “MINDHUNTER.” (Oct. 12)

When Iowans are searching for a good Netflix show, they must want to sit on the edge of their seats.

Mindhunter,” the thriller series about the nascent years of criminal profiling, was the show Iowans were most interested in streaming last year, according to data from HighSpeedInternet.com, a site that tracks Internet habits. 

“Mindhunter” centers on two FBI agents and a psychologist who interview serial killers to learn how they think in attempt to help close unsolved cases. Based on the true crime book, “Mindhunter:

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John Douglas on ‘Mindhunter’ | Military Press

“Mindhunter” by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker gives an insider’s view of the FBI’s elite serial crime unit. Douglas was the youngest agent, not just as a lecturer at Quantico, but also at FBI headquarters. His resume is impressive, having spent four years in the military, he holds numerous graduate degrees, was a member of a SWAT team, a hostage negotiator and the FBI’s criminal profiler pioneer.

With the bestselling book and now a Netflix original series, people are taken behind the scenes of some of the most gruesome and challenging cases. FBI profilers gather up crime scene evidence to help predict the type of personality that commits serial murders. Through interviews with some of the most ghastly killers such as Charles Manson, Edmund Kemper and the Son of Sam, to mention a few, Douglas determines their motives, attempting to figure out why they did what they did and why in

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On July 19, at a production press conference at Gangnam Imperial Palace, Moon Chae Won let fans in on how she …

On July 19, at a production press conference at Gangnam Imperial Palace, Moon Chae Won let fans in on how she prepared for her action-packed role in the upcoming tvN drama “Criminal Minds.”

“You learn how to do action scenes while you’re on set and getting hurt,” she said. “To better prepare myself for the role, I found an action school and began training. That way I could bring more reality to my action scenes instead of learning only the moves required for each scene.”

Moon Chae Won continued proudly, “At first I was really scared I would get hurt. But once I got going, all of my worries disappeared.”

In “Criminal Minds,” Moon Chae Won plays the role of Ha Seon Woo, a behavioral analyst who conducts criminal profiling in the NCI department.

Moon Chae Won stated, “The SBS program ‘I Want to Know’ has a lot of real-life profilers on the show, so

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