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The 4 Reasons Why ‘Criminal Minds’ Is Still a Great Binge Watch

Even after airing for more than 12 years, “Criminal Minds” remains a must-binge across the globe. As you can imagine with a plotline that revolves around an endless supply of serial killers, the show has cycled through and replaced at least a half-dozen linchpin characters. Still, despite the rotating cast, fan interest in the series has failed to wane, a testament to the quality team of writers behind the show.

“Criminal Minds” airs a new episode every Wednesday evening, but for anyone who’s unable to afford cable, there is some good news: You can watch every season — with the exception of the currently airing one — on Netflix, meaning that you have hours of streamable content at the touch of a button.

But with so many other options, why watch “Criminal Minds?” Here are four reasons why you should stream the CBS mega-hit immediately.

The cast embodies the lives and emotions

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12 Reasons Spencer Reid Is the Best Part of Criminal Minds

The ever-changing ensemble cast of Criminal Minds is always on point, taking down unsubs and bringing happily ever afters to families across the nation. While the team couldn’t properly function without each of its very crucial members, there’s really one who reigns supreme day in and day out — and who has been with the Behavioral Analysis Unit since day one.

Yes, Dr. Spencer Reid, sometimes referred to (completely appropriately) as Pretty Boy, is the FBI’s resident genius and nerdy hot guy. He makes a giant vocabulary sound oh so good and tank tops unfairly attractive. But he’s more than just a pretty face and a brilliant mind! He’s also a loyal friend to everyone in the BAU and a devoted son. He truly is the best reason to watch Criminal Minds, as further proved by the following 12 reasons that are only partially credited to Matthew Gray

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Reasons To Look Forward To Lee Joon Gi’s Role In Upcoming Drama “Criminal Minds”

Lee Joon Gi will be taking on the lead role of tvN’s “Criminal Minds” as Kim Hyun Joon, a talented crime scene investigator and profiler who works at the NCI. Although his character is sometimes misunderstood due to his tendency to show off and be mischievous, Kim Hyun Joon is a character who cares deeply about his team and possesses a strong sense of justice.

The actor’s role in the drama is attracting a great deal of interest, as this is his first contemporary work in about four years and the drama’s genre is similar to that of “Time Between Dog and Wolf,” a drama that is recognized to be one of Lee Joon Gi’s trademark works. Furthermore, as a widely acknowledged expert at action, fans are also looking forward to what kind of action scenes the actor will pull off for “Criminal Minds.”

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5 reasons you’ll be addicted to Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders returns for a thrilling second season on W (BT TV channel 311) tonight.

Gary Sinise and Alana de la Garza are among the cast of the spinoff series, which takes the hit Criminal Minds procedural format and adds in an international flavor.

Sinise’s Jack Garrett heads the FBI’s International Response Team as they tour the globe, saving lives from criminals and crises.

Here are five reasons Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is your new TV addiction:

1. It’s got Alana de la Garza

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

And does she mind that despite all the globetrotting adventures of the team, every episode is actually filmed in a Los Angeles studio? Not one bit.

“Do you know how crazy it would be to travel for each episode. Each day I turn up on set and I’m shocked at the incredible world the team create.

“We have a whole team travelling country to

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Thomas Gibson Fans’ #NoHotchNoWatch Boycott Of ‘Criminal Minds’: Nine Reasons Why The Protest Continues

When Thomas Gibson was terminated from Criminal Minds, some fans revolted. They took to twitter with and organized a protest under the hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch. They signed petitions, and they wrote letters. Most importantly, they stopped watching and encouraged others to do so as well, apparently with some success.

What would make Criminal Minds fans rise up against their favorite show? #NoHotchNoWatch protesters previously loved Criminal Minds, but now, they are expressing powerful feelings of disappointment and frustration. Why? Here are some answers from #NoHotchNoWatch.

1. Thomas Gibson Fans Felt Gibson Was Treated Unfairly
Thomas Gibson and Criminal Minds fans who participate in #NoHotchNoWatch feel Thomas’ termination was unfair and senseless. They claim Thomas was a loyal employee of CBS and ABC who was bullied and did

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5 Reasons You Need To Watch "When A Snail Falls In Love"

When a Snail Falls In Love” is a crime thriller and romance drama based on the novel of the same name by author Ding Mo. It stars Wang Kai as Ji Bai, an ace police detective who is in charge of the Violent Crimes Unit, and his partner Xu Xu, an intern criminal profiler played by Wang Zi Wen. The two seem like an awkward pairing, but in reality they’re the best team with an incredible track record in solving crimes. Ji Bai initially intended to fire Xu Xu due to her lack of physical fitness, but she is very talented in profiling. Over time, they become impressed and admire each others’ talents and work ethic, and the pair slowly fall in love in the midst of their investigations.

I’m currently watching this drama and I’m so addicted. If you are looking for something different, complex, mature, and evenly paced,

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