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Thursday Crime Stories: Would you LITERALLY kill for NBA tickets?

A Georgia jail inmate allegedly tried to hire a hit man to kill his ex-wife and her boyfriend in exchange for $800 and Atlanta Hawks tickets. Nancy Grace digs into the case against Michael McEarchern with criminal profiler Pat Brown, Dr. Brian Russell — a lawyer and psychologist who hosts Investigation Discovery’s Fatal Vows series — and syndicated radio host Dave Mack.

Felon attempts to have former wife killed in exchange for cash and Atlanta Hawks basketball tickets

A Pennsylvania man is in big trouble with his mother-in-law, because she’s also his wife. Christopher Hauptmann allegedly married his wife’s teen-aged daughter without divorcing her mom, who he married a year earlier. Nancy and her guests dig into the dirt on this bigamy case.

Bigamist gets married — then weds his wife’s daughter the following year

“Crime Stories with Nancy Grace” is also a national radio show, heard

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